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How to Grow Your Lawn Care Business to Its Potential

Posted by WintacLawn on Aug 11, 2016 8:00:00 AM

grow_lawn_care_business.jpgWhile there are a number of ways to go about growing your lawn care business, we are going to focus on how you can maximize growth potential and increase sales through online marketing.

How to Build a Web Presence to Generate More Leads

Making it as easy as possible for people to find your business online will result in a steady stream of web traffic coming your way and more leads that can be converted into new customers to grow your business.

There are 3 main steps to building a strong web presence: building and maintaining a website, using social media to direct people to your website, and using best search engine optimization (SEO) practices to generate more leads.

1. Building a Website

If you don’t already have a website for your lawn care or landscaping business, you have some options available to you. You can hire a web developer, build your site yourself, or use an online website builder with pre-made templates to help you create your website.

Here’s a deeper look at your options:  

  • Hiring a Web Developer: The end result will be a professional, customized website that is free of glitches and easy to navigate; however, the minimum average cost of building a business website from the ground up in 2015 was $4,000 If your budget conscientious, this might not be the best fit for you.
  • Building Yourself: Building a website yourself with an open-source builder like WordPress allows you to save money; however, it’s time consuming and there’s a steep learning curve that could impact how your website looks and functions.
  • Online Website Builder: Online website builders like SquareSpace enable you to pay a monthly fee (usually $10-$20 a month) to quickly build a website by customizing a template that has been pre-designed for you; however, your template options will be limited and lack originality.

When weighing your options, the best decision for your lawn care business all depends on how much time, money, and background experience with web design you have. If you already have a website and are just looking to refresh it a bit, download our Website Best Practices eBook for Lawn Care Businesses to expand your online presence and grow your business.

2. Use Social Media to Direct People to Your Website

Building communities of followers on social media sites like Facebook and will help to incease your brand awerness and generate new business.

To get web traffic to your website, you must walk people down that path. To do this, you must be an active participant on your social channels and engage with your online community. You must also post content that’s relevant to your business, the industry and your followers. Ideally, this content would also have a link, or an offer, or some type of call-to-action that would entice people to click through it to get to your website.

This is how you can use special offers, exclusive news announcements, and blog posts to gain more exposure and drive visitors to your website through social media.

3. Use Best SEO Practices

When your website is SEO friendly, it makes it easier for Google to find your businesses website and display it in search results to potential customers. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which basically means that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo optimize the web pages they pull based on how relevant that page is to the user's web search. To make your website appear more relevant to Google, you’ll want to utilize keywords, which are the phrases potential customers would be searching for if they were looking for the services you offer, such “landscapers in the greater Boston area” for example.

Here are a few best SEO practices to help draw “organic” Web traffic from keyword searches:

  • Keywords: Including commonly used keywords for lawn care and landscaping services, as well as geographical keywords like the communities you serve and local landmarks, will help search engines direct traffic to your site.
  • Directories: Setting up listing for your business in local business directories like Google Local, Yahoo Local and Yelp will help search engines identify your business by location and service offerings.
  • Links: Links to and from websites related to the lawn care and landscaping industry helps your website establish credibility as a popular, relevant industry website, which is an important ranking signal.

Keep an eye out for our second post on how to grow your lawn care business to its full potential.

What strategies are you using to grow your lawn care business?

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