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3 Ways Lawn Care Business Software Keeps You Organized

Posted by WintacLawn on Jul 24, 2015 11:40:00 AM

Are you having trouble keeping track of all your current service agreements? Are you overbooking jobs each week? Do you need help with organizing your schedule, your crew, and your books?

If you’re a landscaping or lawn care business owner and you need help with organizing your schedule, your crew, and your books the best solution for you could be lawn care business software! 

get organized

There are many ways you could begin to better organize your lawn care or landscaping business; you could purchase a larger white-board for scheduling, you could buy a file cabinet for all your accepted proposals and invoices, you could purchase accounting software to help you balance your books, etc. These are all immediate fixes though and while they’ll help get organized now, they won’t keep you organized; that’s up to you.

Lawn care business software however, will keep you organized and improve your overall business health. After all, an organized business is a productive business! 

Here's 3 ways Landscaping Software will keep your Lawn Care business organized: 

1. Scheduling 

Instead of trying to map out and cram everyone’s schedule for the day onto one whiteboard, scheduling software for landscapers allows you to see and plan for the jobs you and your crew have to keep up with months in advance. Intuitive and easy to use scheduling features allow you to schedule, edit and swap jobs for that day, the week or at any time during the month. If you have any type of recurring service or maintenance contracts, good software solutions should even schedule those jobs for you as well so you don’t forget about them when they’re due!

Download our lawn care business owner's guide to getting organized to help immediately improve your scheduling, billing and overall business operations.

2. Proposal Building  

Don’t lose another business opportunity or delay work ever again for having to go draft up and deliver a hand-written proposal. Software should allow you to access any of your customer’s information and their service history, anywhere and anytime. Any team member should also be able to add a new customer on the spot. From there, you should also be able to quickly build a professional proposal with the desired services, materials, and cost. Once the proposal is accepted, a good software will also convert the proposal into project so you can schedule the jobs and put them on your calendar. 

3. Billing 

Automating your billing and invoicing processes certainly takes the guesswork out of figuring out who’s paid and who hasn’t. With lawn care business software, once a job has been marked complete you should be able to convert the job into an invoice. Ideally, all your completed jobs will live in one place, which will allow you to see all the jobs you have not yet invoiced. Some software providers even let you sort and track invoices by their status; unpaid, paid, and overdue.

Your customers will also appreciate automated billing. They’ll no longer have to remember to leave the check or question the prices of your services because you’ll be able to provide them with an itemized invoice that will show them what was completed and when. The better solutions out there even let you set and define specific customer billing terms so you can wait until a project is done to send one invoice or bill as you go!

There you have it; organization for your entire lawn care business in no more than 5 easy to follow steps! Automating these processes with software means that all parts of your business are now communicating with one another, all on their own. You’ll also significantly reduce the chances that something will be lost, forgotten, or filed incorrectly. So stop wasting valuable time searching for that proposal that you’ll never find and let software help you deliver it directly to your client’s inbox! 


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