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10 Profitable Landscaping Services to Offer in Late Fall

Posted by WintacLawn on Sep 10, 2015 1:30:00 PM


The average person spends about 10 hours a week on household chores, so it’s easy for your lawn care customers to fall behind when late fall brings extra landscaping work.

That means there are lots of profitable landscaping services to offer in late fall. First, focus on educating your customers. Explain that late fall landscaping will make their yards look good earlier in the spring, cut landscaping costs and create less work.

Also, sell your customers on late fall landscaping service packages. Once you group a number of jobs into service packages, you can create job proposal templates that make it easier to secure jobs. With landscaping software, service packages are also easier to schedule and invoice than specific jobs are.

Here are 10 landscaping services to offer in late fall that will keep your lawn care business profitable:

1. Fertilization

Every homeowner loves green grass in the spring. Explain to your customers that applying a high-phosphorous fertilizer in the fall will help their lawn’s roots grow stronger. After fertilizing, their lawn will be the first one on the block to turn green in the spring.

2. Leaf Removal

Leaf removal offers a great opportunity to educate your customers about additional late fall landscaping jobs that will prepare their yards for the winter. Also, removing leaves will help your customers prevent fungus growth and dead grass in the spring.

3. Limb Trimming

Trimming tree branches that hang over roofs in the late fall can prevent expensive problems caused when heavy snow, wind or rain brings them crashing down. Also, trimming and covering bushes and shrubs that need winter protection is another late fall landscaping service to offer.

4. Flowerbed Cleaning

A little flowerbed cleanup in the fall goes a long way in the spring. Trimming annuals to the ground in late fall allows them store energy in their roots for the spring. Removing snails and slugs that feed on plants, along with leaves or mulch that blocks water absorption, also make for healthier flowerbeds. Also, occasionally dividing overcrowded tuberous plants allows more to fill in.

5. Mulch Young Plants

If your customers have young plants in their yard or garden, apply a top mulch like chopped leaves, straw or wood chips before the first freeze. You can save money on supplies by using leaves collected during fall cleanup jobs as top mulch.
That will keep young plants warm while preventing runoff and soil erosion.

6. Winterize Irrigation Tubing

Water left in irrigation systems over the winter can cause big problems. Once it freezes, it cracks tubes and seals. Turning the water off, unscrewing adapters and using an air hose to blow the water out can prevent costly problems for your customers in the spring.

7. Tree and Shrub Planting

Planting certain varieties of trees and shrubs in the fall allows their roots to get established before cold temperatures roll in. Roots grow until the soil temperature drops below 40 degrees. Ask your customers about their plans for new plantings in the spring to see if fall plantings will work instead.

8. Deck and Patio Care

Winter is hard on decks and patios, so deck and patio care will save your customers money down the road. Decks should be cleaned in the fall, rough spots should be sanded down and resealed, and rotted planks should be replaced. Cleaning and storing patio furniture is another service that your customers will appreciate.

9. Winterizing Lawns

Most homeowners don’t understand that lawn maintenance doesn’t end when growing stops in the fall. However, winterizing is key to a healthy lawn. That includes cutting grass to less than an inch and a half, aerating, topdressing with compost and over seeding.

10. Draining and Grading a Property

During a heavy winter, improper grading can cause water to pool under the lawns surface, which makes the grass “squishy” and drowns plants. Improper grading can also cause any runoff and for melting snow to drain towards the foundation of your customers home. Thus, it’s important to recognize and correct potential grading and draining problems before the winter or rainy season.

What landscaping services have you offered your customers in the late fall?


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